The Eindhoven Security Hub:

a new concept for securing the region by TU/e

In recent years we have witnessed a change in focus of cyber-attackers, who are now increasingly often targeting even small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), including organizations such as hospitals, local/regional government, and NGOs. Because of this, more and more organizations are building or using a security operations center (SOC) to protect against the latest cybersecurity

In this meeting we will introduce to you the Eindhoven Security Hub, a new kind of SOC we have built in cooperation with TU/e to address the specific problems of the smaller companies of Brabant and the Netherlands. Think of it as an academic hospital, but then for cyber threats, where cutting edge research actually meets the day to day needs of our partners and customers.

In this meeting will inform you how this new concept works in practice, and what it could mean to your organisation. We are also keen to hear your input on the concept.

The Eindhoven Security Hub is a public-private partnership, soon to become a not-for-profit foundation.